Bents Green School Student Council News

First Year 7 Student Council Election Takes Place!

On Thursday 3rd December, Bents Green held its first Student Council election. The Polling Station was in the Library and we had Voting Booths and Ballot Boxes on loan from the Council. The whole school voted and each student had a Ballot Paper with the candidates’ photos on, for voting.

Normally, students volunteer to be part of Student Council but this year we decided to trial an election with the Year 7’s. And what a result! Nine students put themselves forward for nomination. They campaigned, wore rosettes, put posters up around school with their ideas on, stood up in Assembly and read their Campaign Poster and some students even made a Powerpoint! We are really proud of their achievement!

Unfortunately, we could only take on two new Councillors and the winners are: Steven and Charlie!

A huge congratulations to them and a fantastic thumbs up to the other Year 7’s who have worked so hard for the election. Don’t give up! You would all make great Councillors!

First Council Meetings Takes Place!

We’ve had a good start to the school year with our new Student Council body.  There are 11 members and each year phase meets every 2 weeks.  So far this year we have sourced a pool table for the Activity Suite at lunchtimes, requested a Christmas School Disco and we have contributed ideas for the new school dinner menu.

We’ve also had a Council session with Mick Tinker, our Caretaker, Governor and member of Friends of Bents Green.