Sometimes parents need that extra reassuring that we are doing the right thing. For me this session was useful that way.
It’s essential for all practitioners to know the theory behind the motions of emotional development and the context was presented in a very clear, simplistic manner to reach people of different backgrounds.
It is extremely positive to know that there is an organisation that thought in depth of how to support professionals & support pupils in emotional development.
Good rounding up and bringing together of all the thoughts & views heard during the morning.  Light hearted presentation, but very important. Real life.


Bents Green Learning Community is committed to working with schools to:

  • Promote and support pupil centred approaches
  • Improve pupils life chances and outcomes for all
  • Build secure foundations for life-long learning
  • Improve teaching and learning through strong collaboration
  • Promote a climate of positivity with regards to meeting needs
  • Drive forward outstanding achievement

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