Half Day Thrive Conference - Thursday 6th April 2017

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Learn to work effectively with adolescents

Thrive is a specific way of working with all children that helps to develop their social and emotional well-being, enabling them to engage with life and learning.  It supports them in becoming more self-assured, capable and adaptable.  It can also address any troubled, or troubling, behaviours providing a firm foundation for academic attainment.

The Thrive Approach in Adolescence draws on the latest scientific research about what happens in the brain during adolescence and the particular developmental challenges faced by this  age group.  It hlep you to understand their behaviour as a means of communication.

Thrive provides training, tools and techniques that will develop your capacity to work effectively with adolescents, especially those vulnerable young people with disruptive or challenging behaviour.



The benefits of Thrive in adolescence

  • Offers simple changes to the way you work that make a lasting difference to young people
  • Provides practical strategies to support adolescents that can be implemented the next day
  • Profiles developmental and learning needs and creates personalised action plans for individuals through the use of Thrive-Online
  • Increases adolescents’ engagement and capacity to comply with social and academic expectations
  • Improving attendance + better  relationships = improved learning + greater attainment
  • Provides ongoing support
  • Offers induction sessions and introductory training for organisations and trainer training for in-house capacity
Testimonials following our successful Half Day Thrive Conference
  • “Sometimes parents need that extra reassuring that we are doing the right thing. For me this session was useful that way.”
  • “Fantastic, Nick is a natural.  Information meant so much to me and my experiences with my daughter. Thank you.”
  • “It is extremely positive to know that there is an organisation that thought in depth of how to support professionals support pupils in emotional development.”
  • “It’s essential for all practitioners to know the theory behind the motions of emotional development and the context was presented in a very clear, simplistic manner to reach people of different backgrounds.”
  • “Children with autism are very different within the spectrum and they need all the support they can get.  Thrive will help them to understand their self and build a better world for them.”
  • “Good rounding up and bringing together of all the thoughts, views heard during the morning.  Light hearted presentation, but very important. Real life.”