Reading Conference

‘On Thursday 18th October, Bents Green will be hosting Teresa Heathcote to run a half-day conference on Reading. This event will teach strategies for helping children learn to read beyond decoding, and helping them to understand what they read.

The training will address a range of approaches, including:

  • Recognising key vocabulary
  • Using visualisation appropriately
  • Recognising and repairing breakdowns in understanding
  • Using background knowledge to enhance meaning

Teresa is hugely committed to the cause of improving children’s reading comprehension skills, and has undertaken training and research in collaboration with Every Child a Reader and Leicester City Council. This event will be suitable for parents, carers and professionals supporting reading for all phases of children, including SEND.

This event is open to anyone who wishes to attend: the charge per place is £10 for parents/ carers and £50 for professionals working in the field. To book email your details (including name, contact info, and the number of places you would like) to’